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    MOMO ITALY has brought its 50 years of automotive pedigree to a new market, a category defined by innovation and a vehicle component that determines performance whether it is on the track or the street: TIRES. Offering more than 160 tire sizes to cater to passenger cars, commercial vehicles and SUVs, as with all automotive products that carry the MOMO name, MOMO Tires are characterised by an unwavering focus on performance and efficiency. Striking a perfect balance between performance and value, MOMO Tires are exclusively imported and distributed in Philippines by FUEL AUTOTEK.




    About MOMO Tires

    The use of Silica on MOMO Tires’ compounds improve the rolling resistance, being a stiffer material than carbon black and thus increase efficiency and reduce fuel consumption. Every MOMO Tires product is designed to guarantee the best grip in all conditions while providing a low rolling resistance and a low noise level. This mix has positive effects on driving comfort, vehicle handling, and braking distance, for a superior driving experience.

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